Animation Services

Crow Animation is one of the only 2-D/3-D animation studios in Alberta to offer such a full range of services. The Animation department of Crow Engineering Services began in response to a need to provide the firm’s clients with mechanical innovation and real estate development projects that could turn their fledgling dreams into reality. Our animators have an unparalleled understanding of the technical field. Our studio’s mantra says it all. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, animation is worth million.”

At the same time, the company took steps to diversify its activities by providing expertise to the world of entertainment and communications. Whether it is for Flash animations for the Web, TV ads, special effects for movies or the creation of characters, storyboards or visuals for multimedia projection shows, our team has always demonstrated a superior level of creativity.

Services Provided


  • Hyper-Realistic Perspectives
  • Artistic Perspectives
  • Outdoor Animations
  • Indoor Animations


  • Mechanical Systems
  • Production Lines
  • Commercial Developments
  • Ergonomics Analyses


  • Explanatory Videos
  • Flash Anination for Websites
  • TV and Web Ads
  • Audio-Visual Montages

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